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aXbo, the world's first sleep phase alarm clock, is designed to wake you individually at your optimal wake up time during a light sleep phase. aXbo offers the perfect start to your day:

  • You wake up naturally, feeling wonderfully relaxed and calm.
  • You are already fit, balanced and in the right mood for an active day, full of energy.

Having a very good night's rest!

Everybody knows the feeling - you wake up in the morning like by your inner clock and you feel wonderfully relaxed and rested. Therefore we have invented the alarm clock of the future waking you up optimally at your best sleep phase - like waking up by your inner clock.


How does aXbo, the first sleep phase alarm clock of the world, work?

aXbo registers your individual optimal wake up time via your body movements and wakes you up in between the last 30 minutes before your wake up time. Your movements are detected and gathered with a comfortable towelling wristband and submitted to the sleep phase alarm clock.


What else can aXbo do?

aXbo has a variety of additional functions, such as the possibility to wake two people independently of each other, analysis software for movement data, specially developed sounds to fall asleep and wake up to, your computer port and much more.

The product

Naturally each person has his/her own individual sleeping pattern, but there are some factors that mark the sleep of a healthy grown-up.

Optimal sleep eight hours of sleep cycles

  • Each person goes through various sleeping cycles during sleep.
  • Each sleeping cycle, which lasts approx. 90 to 110 minutes, alternates with deep-sleep, light-sleep and REM-sleep.
  • REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is the phase in which you dream. Sleep gets less deep towards the morning and REM phases get distinctly longer.
  • There are also sleeping differences between the sexes. Women move more in their sleep but less intensive, whereas men move less but more intensive.
  • Both REM and deep sleeping phases are marked by almost no movements. If you move from a deep sleeping phase into a REM-phase and from a REM-phase into a deep sleeping phase your body movements get more active.
  • This is where aXbo comes in. The physical activity that characterises the various sleep phases is monitored, so that aXbo is able to calculate the optimal point at which to wake you.

With aXbo you can wake up in your optimal sleeping phase which is identified by a unique wake-up algorithm based on body movements.

The towelling wristband with the sensor has to be worn when you go to bed.

The transfer of the data is carried out exclusively during the occasional moments of physical activity. The whole transmission time during sleep lasts less then five seconds.

With aXbo you can't oversleep. aXbo reliably wakes you up. At the latest at the alarm time set.

It is important that you get up right after you hear your wake-up melody. If you do not get up you will fall asleep again and a new sleeping phase will start which would be unfavourable for waking up pleasantly. Therefore aXbo does not come with a snooze function.

If you forget to put on the wristband aXbo will wake you up like a normal alarm clock

Yes. aXbo comes with two wristbands, so that both you and your partner can be woken up at an optimal time.

Yes, each person chooses their own alarm sounds.

You can choose between six different melodies for waking up pleasantly.

Yes, as aXbo comes with 3 batteries it  can operate without electricity without any problem for up to 7 days.

S.P.A.C. stands for Sleep Phase Alarm Clock - the patented technology used for the alarm clock.

aXbo was not conceived to enable a shorter night's sleep, it is intended to give you an easy, refreshed and motivated start to your day.

Generally, the amount of sleep we require varies from person to person. It is dependent on age and quality of sleep. A whole cycle from light to deep sleep to dream phase lasts between 90 and 110 minutes in adults. This cycle should repeat itself approximately 4 to 5 times in a night.

No, aXbo cannot heal insomnia. aXbo will wake you at an optimal time for you, to maximise your energy levels and your feelings of well-being. Insomnia is a medical condition and should be treated by a doctor.

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In UAE, aXbo can be ordered from AdVillage Media LLC., for 199 Euros (plus postal fee). Order aXbo online! Fill out the order form and we post it to you. Attention! The address must be accurate, otherwise we do not guarantee delivery of your package!

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